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Lucy Winn is the daughter of Stephen and Lauren Winn of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Lucy is a sophomore at the DeSales University where she studies business management and marketing.  Her family keeps backyard beehives, which sparked her passion for beekeeping.  At school, Lucy tutors local students in math.  In her free time, Lucy loves to read, throw pottery, walk her dog, and keep bees.

The 2022 American Honey Queen, Lucy Winn, will be appearing at various events throughout Pollinator Week. You can also meet Lucy, in person, at the Pollinator Festival Saturday June 25.

The American Honey Queen Program provides the beekeeping industry with two spokespersons—the American Honey Queen and the American Honey Princess—who travel throughout the country during the year of their reign, developing presentation skills and public relations expertise while educating people about bees and beekeeping and advocating for the consumption of honey.

The beekeeping industry touches the lives of every individual the United States. The public finds our industry interesting and unique. Promotions can range from presentations at schools, fairs and civic organizations to interviews with prime media such as radio, television and newspapers.


The Honey Queen and Honey Princess educate the public with facts about bees, beekeeping and honey. Topics they cover include pollination of our nation's crops and how dependent we are on the honey bee for agriculture, how honey is a healthy substitute for sugar and how honey also extends the shelf life of baked products and adds that extra special something like taste or texture. The ladies do cooking demonstrations using honey in their recipes which the public will find in the brochures they hand out at promotions.


The Honey Queen and Honey Princess also speak at seniors groups, retail stores, conventions for homemakers, FHA, FFA and the list goes on. They have also been known to help in beekeeping demonstrations at fairs by wearing bee beards and processing honey from comb to bottle.


Kids can learn more about honey bees and beekeeping from the current Honey Queen and Honey Princess by visiting their website:



10 am Billings Public Library. Special guest Lucy Winn, the 2022 American Honey Queen will be joining the library for stories and songs.

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