The Monarchs are coming!

This year we are piloting our Monarchs and Milkweed Citizen Science Monitoring Program. Monarch butterflies have historically migrated to Billings, Montana. Not much is known about the northern extent of their range east of the Rockies. They have been spotted at Zoo Montana Monarch Waystation, and they were spotted at the MT Audubon Center gardens last year. To find out more about this elusive butterfly we must collect data on sightings, observations, and their chosen habitat. Learn how you can help eastern Montana Monarchs with us Monday, July 26th, 5:30-7:30 pm. We will begin with an overview of Monarchs, their life cycle, habitat, and local populations. Then we will discuss how we will be monitoring them. Finally, we will look for and monitor Monarchs around the property.


This will be the first event of a series of Monarch & Milkweed Monitoring activities. This event aligns with the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz. Internationally, citizen scientists will be tracking the whereabouts of the Monarchs. As the Monarch life cycle progresses we will track them accordingly as well. Join us on this fun and wondrous journey to learn more about these migratory butterflies in Eastern Montana. RSVP appreciated, email Questions or thoughts welcome to email


Miranda Hernandez

Conservation Steward

Big Sky Watershed Corps

Montana Audubon Center