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Pollinator Sources and Garden Hot Spots

The Billings area is blessed with many sources for the study of gardens and their pollinators. We've compiled a list of maps and locations that you can visit to learn more about pollination techniques. Zoom in and out and move the maps around to obtain more info of each location.

Billings Botanical Gardens

ZooMontana Botanical Park | DanWalt Gardens | Moss Mansion


Rocky Mountain College (campus) | Yellowstone Arboretum | Centennial Park

Nature Areas

Montana Audubon Center | Shiloh Conservation Area | John H.Dover Memorial Park | Phipps Trail Park | Riverfront Park


Urban Parks

Billings Parks & Recreation | Parkland Gleaning Project | Veteran's Park-Blue Star Memorial | Gardens at Metro Park | Fireman's Park | Laurel Chamber


Community Gardens

St.Andrew Church | Songbird Community Garden | Amend Park | Homefront | Mayflower Church | Billings Vineyard Church


Iris Gardens

Tina & Daughter's Iris Garden | Muriel's Iris Garden | Eagle Ridge Iris Garden

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